Riad overbooking in Morocco

Owners of Riads in Morocco might offer various excuses that they need to overbook to make up for the loss of income resulting from the growing number of visitors who make reservations but never show-up. They might inform you that a couple of customers did not check out as planned, or that come rooms require upkeep or renovations. Also there are laws ruling hotels in the western world, in Marocco, it’s quite different as their are not laws requesting compensation from a riad that regularly oversell.

In not so rare situations, two riad could work in cahoots in lure and exchange methods, accepting your overselling at one riad whence you can be transferred, at your price, to a more expensive riad down the street. The other riad then provides a percentage of the revenue with the partner riad. If this occurs with you, you must instantly file a complaint with the district attorney of the state where the riad is located.

If you have a definite or assured booking and you have followed all of the rules of the confirmation, such as coming as planned, the riad should perform any practical activity to find hospitality to you.

Muslim and Arab countries are very hospitable and this is to your advantage when seeking compensation. Also you might not get the luxury you were promised first.

In case a riad hotel has oversold, follow those tips.

Request instantly to talk to the front Moroccan boss manager which is usually the owner.

Remain at the reception and determinedly request a room. Refuse to admit to stand out of the way so other people can be checked in. This converts you into a less pressing issue for the riad. Staying put makes you a bigger problem and thereby heightens the possibility of the riad addressing your problem hurriedly to avoid a scene.

Don’t get angry. Instead, be courteous but forceful. Despite the reasons you might be told, the best statement you should ask insistently is “I realize there’s an overbooking issue, yet what will you do to show me moroccan hospitality to me NOW?” Remember, this is not your fault and the riad should in no circumstance have permitted it to occur.

Don’t be scared to demand what you need. Hint that the riad place you in a costlier room or suite at the guaranteed room rate. The moroccan riad can also provide you with additional discounts, restaurant cards, or other perks. If any of these happen, always keep in mind to monitor your credit card accounts to be sure you were not billed the increased fees and as always, maintain your bills.

Notify the place that you understand your entitlements. Write down names and designations of every one of the riad employees you speak to on the subject, along with the causes or excuse they give you for the overbooking.

You will have much stronger rights with a certain reservation than with a definite one, because you have practically assured charges for the accommodation. In case the riad does not hold a room for you, it has contravened its contract with you and is obliged to take all practical action to secure you a similar room inside the riad or a comparable or better moroccan riad close by. The riad might be required to recompense for the first night’s room at a proximal riad known as walking , give free transfer to the second riad, provide the difference in charges in case the new moroccan riad is costlier for the further nights of your booking and | or arrange a long-distance phone call to let your loved ones and/or your office know the riad you are now lodged at.

Several of these services could not be given voluntarily, so be set to demand, politely but firmly, on justified compensation in lieu of the riad’s overselling error.

Be adaptable and ingenious. Request the supervisor if he or she has other options present, like staff and employees house quarters, places that are not so far done up, or even a mattress inside a lounge room at a greatly discounted fare, surely.

If you feel you have been scammed, go to the tourist police or the tourist office to complain. They should be able to get your money back.

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