Staying in a Riad Hotel

Spices or MoroccoTourists can walk through the bustling medinas or bazaars or Riad, filled with the sights, smells and sounds of old Morocco.
Visitors can buy fabric, perfume or other interesting artifacts on their way to the riad. After passing the boutiques, the traveler turns down a more residential pathway and passes through a doorway into a large courtyard containing a hidden palace.

The central courtyard is usually flower and tree-filled with places to sit in he shade. Fountains are often in the courtyards, elaborately decorated with mosaic designs. Some riads have a small tile-lined swimming pool.

There are usually four faces of the riad looking out into the courtyard and done in traditional Moroccan architecture. The interior is decorated uniquely. One difference from regular homes is the use of space, with rooms having interchangeable uses being used for multiple uses. A communal salon and living area is located on the ground floor along with the kitchen, bath and two to three bedrooms.

The principal bedrooms and suites are generally situated on the second floor with shaded rooftop terraces available as a second salon. Entire riads can be rented out for family holidays or large groups. The owners often offer theme nights including traditional Moroccan cuisine, dancing and Moroccan musicians. On site staff members are included in the price of the riad.

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